Oscar Nominations Marathon: The Plan

oscar nomineesEvery year, I tell myself I’m going to get more involved and informed about the Academy Awards before the Academy Awards. And every year to date, I have let the time to inform myself come and go without doing very much about it. But no more! This year will be different! This year is my year!

…Also known as: The year in which I watch a lot of films and attempt to form some opinions about them.

The Plan

To watch all Best Picture-Nominated films before the Academy Awards ceremony on the 24th of February, and to review them on this blog.

The purpose

To inform myself about the films up for awards this year, and to give my usually-rather-arbitrary game of picking a favourite on awards night some kind of grounding.

FIlms I’ve already seen:

Les Misérables (review to follow)
Django Unchained (review to follow)

Films to see: 

Amour (to be found in an upcoming trek down to the HMV sales, hopefully)
Argo (ditto)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (ditto)
Life of Pi (still in cinemas!)
Lincoln (still in cinemas!)
Silver Linings Playbook (still in cinemas!)
Zero Dark Thirty (still in cinemas!)

Right then, better get cracking…


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